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AW: What ad­vice have you for young jumpers want­ing to do the event?

DB: By all means try it! It’s a lot of fun and is a very en­joy­able event, but stay open-minded and open to other events, you might be bet­ter suited to an­other.

AW: Should young ath­letes spe­cialise in the long jump at say 13-14?

DB: If an ath­lete is cer­tain that’s what they want to do then def­i­nitely. I started do­ing long jump prop­erly around that age and never looked back.

AW: Tell us what tech­nique you use?

DB: I’ve al­ways used the hang from as early as I can remember, but I am slowly adapt­ing to the hitch as I feel it al­lows bet­ter pen­e­tra­tion through the board mean­ing fur­ther dis­tances. (See p36 for more on the hitch-kick).

AW: How do you deal with flights and travel?

DB: When I land, I rest. I might then warm-up and roll out be­cause you get tight fly­ing. Pre-comp, I’ll usu­ally do a full warm-up and drills too.

Dan Bram­ble posts most of his train­ing on his In­sta­gram – @dbramb­s_ljis and is an am­bas­sador for GB Ac­tive, who run boot camps led by some of the UK’s leading ath­letes. For more, see gb-ac­tive.co.uk

Dan Bram­ble uses the hang but is ex­per­i­ment­ing with the hitch-kick

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