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Audi’s Vir­tual Cock­pit, which dis­plays the main in­stru­ments dig­i­tally, is a fine piece of work, be­ing adapt­able and clear. But bet­ter still is the rest of the Audi Multi Me­dia In­ter­face (MMI), which com­bines a large cen­tral screen with a con­troller on the cen­tre con­sole. As yet, Audi has re­sisted the urge, to which BMW has suc­cumbed, to make the screen touch sen­si­tive.

With a con­trol pad and its adorn­ing but­tons, how­ever, it’s easy to nav­i­gate through the myr­iad sys­tems. There’s a touch­pad, too, which we used mostly for in­putting ad­dresses on the nav­i­ga­tion, while the ro­tary dial can be turned, pressed or nudged to nav­i­gate through menus. It’s not quite as in­tu­itive as BMW’S idrive sys­tem, but it’s sec­ondbest in the in­dus­try.

Sen­si­bly, Audi re­tains sep­a­rate but­tons and switches for op­er­a­tions such as the heat­ing and ventilation sys­tem, heated seats and so on, and the whole ca­boo­dle is sup­ple­mented by steer­ing wheel con­trols for ma­jor func­tions. It’s a bit of a but­ton-fest com­pared to, say, a Volvo, but when it comes to func­tion­al­ity, we’ll take it.

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