Could a pro­duc­tion Bent­ley be an elec­tric car, like the EXP 12 Speed 6e con­cept?

“This is pure-elec­tric driv­ing in the Bent­ley style. For us, EVS have no lim­its on lux­ury and per­for­mance. [The EXP 12 Speed 6e] is a typ­i­cal Bent­ley with noth­ing miss­ing from it. We think our in­ter­pre­ta­tion of an elec­tric car still has de­tails peo­ple ex­pect [from Bent­ley]. We still have a grille and air vents, so we’ve not just put a ho­mogenised plas­tic body on the car.”

Will the next Con­ti­nen­tal GT have an elec­tric pow­er­train?

“The new Con­ti­nen­tal GT is in its fi­nal test cy­cle. We don’t have a Con­ti­nen­tal GT EV in the plan. In the fu­ture, though, ev­ery model in­clud­ing the Con­ti­nen­tal will have a PHEV [plug-in hy­brid ve­hi­cle] in its range and that’s more im­por­tant than a tran­si­tional tech­nol­ogy. The PHEV will be here for a very long time be­cause it’s the best of both worlds. The Ben­tayga will get it first.”

Why does Bent­ley need a fourth model line?

“At the mo­ment, we have Con­ti­nen­tal, Mul­sanne and Bentyaga, which has added remarkable growth. I see no rea­son to re­main where we are. We can grow fur­ther. In terms of pres­tige or ex­clu­siv­ity, I don’t think we’re go­ing to suf­fer if we sell 15,000 ve­hi­cles [per year]. It’s still a lux­ury prod­uct and there’s room for ad­di­tional Bent­leys in the mar­ket.”

When will we see the fourth Bent­ley model and what kind of car will it be?

“We have a full port­fo­lio of cars to come to mar­ket and we won’t stop or change. Four years from now, there will be a chance to add again. I will lis­ten to the mar­ket. If I’m con­vinced by the busi­ness case, I’ll do ev­ery­thing to make it hap­pen.”

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