The Mercedes-amg Project One hy­brid hy­per­car will have an en­gine that revs to 11,000rpm, four elec­tric motors and a weight of less than 1300kg. The car is set to be un­veiled at the Frank­furt mo­tor show in Septem­ber.

AMG boss To­bias Mo­ers re­vealed a few ex­tra de­tails about the €2.25 mil­l­lion (£1.95m) lim­ited-run hy­per­car at Geneva.

“I can tell you we will be us­ing an AMT [au­to­mated man­ual trans­mis­sion] be­cause there’s no twin­clutch gear­box ca­pa­ble of work­ing with an en­gine that revs to 11,000rpm,” Mo­ers said. “We will have four elec­tric motors — one for each front wheel, one on the crank­shaft and one on the turbo. We will use the same ‘per­for­mance’ bat­tery cells as the F1 cars, which have ad­van­tages and lim­i­ta­tions; but we will still be able to de­liver 30km [18.5 miles] of EV range. And our tar­get for kerb weight is 1300kg.”

Mo­ers has al­ready said the hy­brid pow­er­train in Project One will de­velop “at least 1000bhp”, most of it from the F1-de­rived 1.6-litre V6 turbo petrol en­gine.

“This will not be a top­speed car,” he said. “We will cer­tainly be be­yond 350km/h [217mph], but to go far be­yond that brings too much com­pro­mise for me — to tyres, to aero and to han­dling bal­ance.”

Mo­ers con­firmed that by the time Project One is un­veiled at Frank­furt, Mercedes-amg ex­pects all 275 ex­am­ples of it to have been sold.

“As things stand, we have more than a thou­sand ex­pres­sions of in­ter­est for the car,” he said.

Project One: act fast if you want to buy one

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