Autocar - - DRIVE - There’s no such thing in Mclaren world, al­though Pis­ton­heads is ad­ver­tis­ing a 36,000-mile 2012 12C for £97,950, mean­ing the era of the five-fig­ure Mclaren is fi­nally upon us.


Want to en­joy top-down Mclaren motor­ing? The most af­ford­able way is a 12C Spy­der, but you’ll still need up­wards of £130,000 to se­cure one. At least you don’t have to worry about high miles: prop­erly main­tained Mclarens are me­chan­i­cally su­per-strong.


You’re go­ing to need around £150,000 to get onto the 650S own­er­ship lad­der — half as much again as you’d need to do the same for the 12C. But it is a far bet­ter, quicker and more at­trac­tive car. In short, it’s worth it.


Re­gard­less of whether you want a Coupé or Spy­der, if you want a 675LT, you’ll need to fork out £300,000 min­i­mum — or twice the price of the 650S on which it is based. It seems a lot, un­til you drive one and ap­pre­ci­ate just how rare and revered it is. If you think of it as 99% of the per­for­mance of a P1 for £1.2 mil­lion less, sud­denly it doesn’t seem that ex­pen­sive…

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