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The cabin ta­pers to­wards the rear for im­proved aero and to cre­ate semi­hor­i­zon­tal rear wheel arches. Ex­te­rior skin and un­der-floor de­vel­op­ment are heav­ily in­flu­enced by Dyson’s air ma­nip­u­la­tion in­tel­li­gence.

Fixed-po­si­tion front seats fea­ture com­pos­ite frames whose outer struc­ture dou­bles as a lower B-pil­lar for side-im­pact pro­tec­tion and to pro­vide latch­ing for coach doors and for­ward up­per seat­belt mount­ings. Seat cush­ions are air-pumpad­justable blad­ders be­neath cloth or leather up­hol­stery. Con­ven­tional, light­weight rear seats have a 60/40 split fold­ing fa­cil­ity.

There are elec­tri­cally ad­justable ped­als and a four-way ad­justable steer­ing col­umn. The heat­ing and ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem is de­vel­oped from Dyson Air­blade tech­nolo­gies. The air con­di­tion­ing draws low cur­rent and an air pu­ri­fier is optional.

A com­pact dash­board is en­abled by a space-ef­fi­cient HVAC sys­tem and a Tesla-style cen­tral tablet dis­play fea­tures. Key in­stru­ment read­ings, nav­i­ga­tion and warn­ings are pro­vided by a head-up dis­play.

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