For Land Rover to re­ally rad­i­calise its hy­brid of­fer­ing in the Range Rover, it would need to start from the ground up, build­ing a new plat­form de­signed to house elec­tric mo­tors and with­out the re­dun­dant low-range trans­fer gear­box from the start. The ben­e­fits of that over the new P400e would mean less weight, bet­ter han­dling on and off road and more ef­fec­tive pack­ag­ing of the bat­tery.

In­stead, it has this half­way house in which th­ese el­e­ments have been shoe­horned in to of­fer a cred­i­ble hy­brid to the line-up. And cred­i­ble it will be: Land Rover would not be sell­ing the PHEV if it didn’t stand up as a re­spectable Range Rover, with com­fort and of­froad abil­ity, even if it won’t be nearly as good as a PHEV that was con­sid­ered from the be­gin­ning. And in the mean­time, the P400e keeps a very im­por­tant seg­ment of Range Rover buy­ers happy: the af­flu­ent ur­ban­ites who mooch around town in their Ran­g­ies. They will rarely fill up their tank with petrol, in­stead cruis­ing around on the 31-mile range of the near-silent elec­tric mo­tor. Happy days, Sloa­nies.

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