Oth­er­worldly V10 engine Un­flap­pable dual-clutch gear­box Sta­bil­ity at speed

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Awk­ward in­te­rior er­gonomics Brake cal­i­bra­tion for road use A touch heav­ier than it should be

Per­for­mante has 20in forged rims that re­tain five bolts, although sin­gle cen­tre-lock wheels are an op­tion. Pirelli P Zero Cor­sas are stan­dard, with track­fo­cused Tro­feo R tyres (fit­ted) optional.

New ex­haust sys­tem is mounted high and close to the engine to limit the dis­tance ex­hausts gases travel be­fore they es­cape. This also makes it loud and re­quires large cool­ing vents above it.

Cross-braces above the engine add stiff­ness, as they do in a reg­u­lar Hu­racán, but the bronze cam cov­ers de­note some­thing spe­cial. Oddly, the engine doesn’t quite sit cen­trally.

Front split­ter doesn’t jut out a lot more than a reg­u­lar Hu­racán’s, but it has the Aero­d­i­nam­ica Lam­borgh­ini At­tiva (ALA) logo so you’ll know that it’s the real deal in terms of ac­tive aero.

Long, low front over­hang looks eas­ily bash­able, so choose the optional nose lift. Pas­sive dampers are optional, with mag­ne­torhe­o­log­i­cal ones an op­tion.

The two ALA ducts are joined to the rear wing’s in­ner chan­nels and con­trol whether air goes through the wing or into it, re­duc­ing drag (and down­force).

Brakes are car­bon-ce­ramic units, six-pis­ton at the front and four at the rear, tweaked but not re­sized for the Per­for­mante.

Rear spoiler is one of the el­e­ments con­structed from chopped car­bon­fi­bre, which gives an in­trigu­ing fin­ish.

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