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AS well as the 01, Lynk & Co has re­vealed to Auto Ex­press its plans to ex­pand its fu­ture model line-up to in­clude a com­pact cross­over, called the 02.

Speak­ing ex­clu­sively to us, Lynk & Co’s se­nior vice-pres­i­dent Alain Visser, said: “In be­tween the 01 SUV and 03 sa­loon will be a type of cross­over ve­hi­cle that we’ll re­veal soon. It’s got SUV cues, but it’s prob­a­bly a bit lower. You’ll see that most of our cars are rel­a­tively small in size.”

Visser also re­vealed that Lynk & Co will launch in the UK be­fore the end of the decade. “We’re launch­ing in China this year and Europe and the USA in mid-2019. And we an­tic­i­pate be­ing in the UK by the end of 2019,” he told us.

The 01 SUV will be first to mar­ket, fol­lowed by the 02 cross­over – pre­viewed in our ex­clu­sive im­age – a cou­ple of years later. An 03 sa­loon, pre­viewed by the 03 Con­cept at this year’s Shang­hai Mo­tor Show, will come af­ter that.

Although SUVS are tra­di­tion­ally bought by fam­ily buy­ers, Visser is see­ing that change. And with Lynk & Co tar­get­ing a younger au­di­ence, the 02 cross­over will play to that. “A Lynk & Co is a very sporty car. We also want it to feel very young in terms of de­sign; young with­out want­ing to be flashy, but with an ag­ile, sporty-ori­en­tated, Euro­pean drive style,” said Visser. “And we’re see­ing more young peo­ple are tak­ing small SUVS, cars that al­low peo­ple to take their friends with them.”

Lynk & Co’s sub­scrip­tion model, in ad­di­tion to out­right sale and leas­ing meth­ods of buy­ing, is also ex­pected to ap­peal to younger buy­ers, as Visser ex­plained: “For a price per month you be­come part of the Lynk & Co com­mu­nity. You buy a Lynk & Co con­tract, like a mo­bile phone, maybe for one month, maybe for one week.

“We want to sell cars, but we will most of all sell mo­bil­ity. So we’ll sell cars via a sub­scrip­tion model, where you pay a monthly fee and ex­tend it or not. But within that fee you can change car ev­ery day or swap it when­ever you want it. So say you pay your monthly fee – we haven’t cal­cu­lated it, but let’s as­sume it’s £200 – and you spend five days a month where the car is at the air­port. For th­ese five days you put your car on share, and for £20 a day you get £100 back.”

Lynk & Co’s car shar­ing scheme will work through a smart­phone-based app. Buy­ers can make their cars avail­able to Lynk & Co sub­scribers at spe­cific times and places, and earn money in the process. The shar­ing sys­tem will also rely on feed­back, so you can build a trusted net­work of users.

The app will also arm a dig­i­tal key to al­low you or oth­ers to gain ac­cess to your car – in­clud­ing shop­ping ser­vices de­liv­er­ing goods di­rectly into your car.

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