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CASE STUDY Dis­mayed reader claims that ASX tank wasn’t prop­erly drained af­ter petrol mis­take

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MISFUELLING your car is an easy mis­take to make, but the im­pact on your en­gine could be far from sim­ple, as one reader has dis­cov­ered to his cost.

Mit­subishi ASX driver Dave Richards, of Peni­s­tone, Sh­effield, called Auto Ex­press af­ter his 16-plate com­pany car faced a re­pair bill to­talling thou­sands of pounds, even af­ter the car’s tank was pro­fes­sion­ally drained fol­low­ing a misfuelling in­ci­dent.

He told us that he’d filled his dieselpow­ered SUV with petrol ear­lier this year, and “drove it un­til it splut­tered to a halt”. Sup­ply­ing dealer Har­ratts in Barns­ley drained the tank. But one week and 500 miles later, the ASX broke down again.

Dealer Livery Dole, in Ex­eter, drained the tank and re­placed an in­jec­tor, but it also found 20 litres of con­tam­i­nated fuel. Dave said he had diesel re­ceipts to ac­count for all 500 miles, and ar­gued: “Har­ratts can’t have drained it prop­erly in the first place.”

Mit­subishi quoted Dave £950 for the re­pair, and ad­vised that all of the in­jec­tors and the fuel pump needed re­plac­ing at a fur­ther cost of £3,000 to pre­vent the car from break­ing down again.

With the maker re­fus­ing to cover the bill, Dave asked Auto Ex­press to in­ves­ti­gate why the tank hadn’t been drained prop­erly.

A Mit­subishi spokesman told Auto Ex­press that it wasn’t just the tank that needed drain­ing and added: “If you mis­fuel a car and drive it for 20 min­utes, as this cus­tomer did, you suck that fuel into ev­ery sin­gle sys­tem. It’s one of the most se­vere things that you can do to an en­gine. You have to re­place the tank, the lines, the in­jec­tor sys­tem and the fuel pump.”

He added that the cus­tomer also ig­nored its garage’s ad­vice at the time, say­ing: “The car has come back to the dealer a cou­ple of times, and on both oc­ca­sions he was ad­vised to re­place the whole fuel sys­tem, but both times he re­fused.”

So why were 20 litres of con­tam­i­nated fuel found in the tank, 500 miles af­ter Har­ratts had drained it? The Mit­subishi spokesman said: “I can’t ac­count for that. But drain­ing a fuel tank is a very sim­ple job, and we trust our deal­ers to have done that.”

Dave’s firm is now try­ing to claim for the £3,000 bill through the ac­ci­den­tal dam­age clause on his com­pany car in­sur­ance pol­icy.

“All of the in­jec­tors and the fuel pump needed re­plac­ing to pre­vent the car from break­ing down”

FUEL ER­ROR Dave Richards learned that an easy mis­take can have ex­pen­sive reper­cus­sions

Dave’s ASX will need a new fuel sys­tem, ac­cord­ing to Mit­subishi

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