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RE­CENT re­ports in the na­tional press claimed that some diesel val­ues have fallen by up to 25 per cent, mark­ing the col­lapse of prices. Yet these claims are un­founded, as the num­bers don’t add up.

Our own in­sight shows diesel val­ues only fall­ing by two per cent more than usual so far this year. Diesel mod­els are still on sale on fore­courts around the UK, so don’t ex­pect that to change.

Close ex­am­i­na­tion of the data re­veals that diesel val­ues have fallen by around eight per cent in the first nine months of the year. That’s around an ex­tra £185 on the av­er­age three-year-old VW Golf.

Anal­y­sis of de­pre­ci­a­tion from Jan­uary to Septem­ber 2017 in­di­cates that while diesel suf­fered slightly, the petrol sec­tor picked up through­out 2017. The data shows petrol ve­hi­cles have seen record low de­pre­ci­a­tion in re­cent months.

On av­er­age a three-year-old diesel car has de­pre­ci­ated by 10.5 per cent since the start of the year, com­pared with the his­tor­i­cal sea­sonal ex­pec­ta­tion of 8.5 per cent. Cars de­value over time – there’s no es­cap­ing that fact, and while diesel has re­ceived some bad pub­lic­ity, it’s still here to stay. In fact, diesel de­pre­ci­a­tion in the past two months has been slightly bet­ter than av­er­age for the time of year.

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