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Nei­ther of th­ese three­doors is that prac­ti­cal, but Yaris beats 208 by one litre (VDA), with its 286-litre boot. Chunky front seats and small body mean it’s more cramped than the GTI in rear.


It’s a shame the range of ad­just­ment for the Toy­ota’s wheel isn’t greater; it com­pro­mises the driv­ing po­si­tion ever so slightly. Those sporty bucket seats hug you in the bends, but you sit a lit­tle too high. How­ever, along with the seats the GRMN gets lots of stan­dard kit, so sat-nav, DAB, Blue­tooth, cli­mate con­trol and a re­vers­ing cam­era are in­cluded. The Peu­geot matches it, though.

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