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Where are you in your strat­egy to over­haul Citroën? “We are cur­rently in the SUV phase of our launch, with the new C3 Air­cross and C5 Air­cross com­ing to mar­ket. That will take us to 2020.”

And af­ter that? “We have the sec­ond phase to re­place our C- and D-seg­ment cars. We should com­plete our core strat­egy by 2021/22.”

What plan do you have for the new C-seg­ment car? “I can’t be too spe­cific, but we will re­place it with some­thing else – some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent.”

You now have Vaux­hall and Opel in the PSA Group. Does that change your strat­egy? “Opel is in the mid­dle of cre­at­ing its plan. But that won’t change the po­si­tion of Citroën. Our price po­si­tion­ing and brand will re­main where it is. Citroën is in the heart of the main­stream mar­ket, where we will be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent.” But there is over­lap of Citroën and Vaux­hall-opel cus­tomers, isn’t there? “The re­search we have done sug­gests a com­pletely dif­fer­ent cus­tomer base. We don’t be­lieve there is any can­ni­bal­i­sa­tion of each other’s sales.”

Could you imag­ine shar­ing deal­ers with Vaux­hall-opel? “Ab­so­lutely. We now have Peu­geot and Citroën in the same showrooms and a few years ago you couldn’t be­lieve that would hap­pen.”

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