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Why are you do­ing this?

“Ob­vi­ously to break the record, but there’s much more to it than that. We want to show­case Bri­tish tech, and in­spire schoolkids into sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy. We’re do­ing some runs this week es­pe­cially for 4000 Cor­nish schoolkids.”

If this car can do 1000mph, do­ing 200mph must be easy, right?

“It’s slower, for sure, but Blood­hound is made for 18sec runs at full power, not to be used as a drag racer on an air­field. With only 1.5 miles of run­way to play with, we’re quite re­stricted.”

Does it feel fast off the line?

“It’ll do 0-60mph in about two sec­onds un­der full power, but there’s not much time to think about it be­cause the engine takes time to shut down, so you’ve got to cut the power at 130mph so as to ‘only’ hit 200mph. The car­bon brakes take a while to heat up, too, so you’ve got to plan care­fully.”

How big is Blood­hound?

“About the same length and fin height as a Red Ar­rows Hawk, around 13 me­tres. When con­fig­ured for 1000mph runs, it’ll weigh eight tonnes and be as pow­er­ful as all nine Red Ar­rows air­craft com­bined.”

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