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The 5008 sits on the mod­u­lar EMP2 plat­form of the PSA Group, which owns Peu­geot, Citroën, DS and Vaux­hall-opel. It’s 190mm longer than the 3008 – although at a glance you’d be hard-pressed to tell the two apart on the road – and it uses that ad­di­tional span to squeeze in a third row of seats. There’s now space for seven oc­cu­pants, en­sur­ing the 5008 ful­fils its re­mit as an MPV, no mat­ter how well it dis­guises its true rea­son for be­ing.

The rugged cos­tume is cer­tainly ef­fec­tive, the 5008’s di­men­sions yield­ing a bluff, ath­letic, hard­edged de­sign soft­ened only by nu­mer­ous in­tri­ca­cies picked out ei­ther in chrome-ef­fect trim or gloss black plas­tic. Both ends of the car are im­pos­ingly sheered off,

Old 5008 was an MPV; re­mem­ber those?

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