996 GT2


Not the most loved of Gt-se­ries 911s and em­phat­i­cally not for the faint-hearted, the 996 GT2 was prob­a­bly the most flawed GT car Porsche had pro­duced. And that was one of the rea­sons it was so ex­cit­ing. Its turbo engine came with 456bhp (later 476bhp) and all the sub­tlety of a rhi­noc­eros in mat­ing sea­son. Power ar­rived with an enor­mous bang, send­ing you hurtling up the road, where­upon a cor­ner would ar­rive that you’d have to tackle us­ing its no-non­sense, old-school 911 han­dling. Only the brave need ap­ply.

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