991 GT3 RS


Lovely though the 997 GT3 RS was, there was a sense among the Weis­sach boffins that greater dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion was needed be­tween the ‘stan­dard’ GT3 and the RS of­fer­ing. So when it came time to do an RS ver­sion of the 991 GT3, they went com­pletely mad. In­stead of a tweaked ver­sion of the GT3 engine, it came with its own 4-litre, 493bhp mo­tor, and the most ag­gres­sive aero­dy­namic pack­age yet seen on a GT Porsche. It’s quite good on the road, but sim­ply off the scale on the track: not the eas­i­est, but one of the most re­ward­ing Porsches of all time.

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