997 GT3 (gen 1)


By the time the 996 GT3 gave way to the 997 GT3, Porsche un­der­stood ex­actly who its cus­tomers were and what they wanted to drive. So the first 997 was rip-snort­ingly quick, thanks to a Mezger engine by then up to 415bhp, and with some classy work on the aero front, ac­tu­ally quicker around the Nür­bur­gring than even the pre­vi­ous­gen­er­a­tion GT2. So far so good, but it was also a very us­able car, with de­cent ride qual­ity and even rea­son­able re­fine­ment on a long drive. Bet­ter look­ing than the 996 and with all the im­prove­ments of the stan­dard 997, to me this is the clear bar­gain of the Gt-se­ries line-up.

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