Things to look out for

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Rust is a big killer. Check rear arches, boot lids, and sills where they meet the B-pil­lar.

Front arches are plas­tic, so don’t rust, but check for paint dam­age. If the car has had large wheels fit­ted, they can come into con­tact with the in­side of the arch, dis­tort­ing it and crack­ing the paint.

Electrics are a weak point, so check ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing the aux­il­iary in­stru­ment gauges, and en­sure the elec­tric win­dows don’t work slowly.

Check for damp in the scut­tle cubby on the driver’s side, where the jack is stored. The ECU is in there too, and can be dam­aged by mois­ture.

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