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The new fil­ter is tucked in be­hind the en­gine a few cen­time­tres from the turbo, heats up very quickly and be­comes ef­fec­tive sec­onds af­ter start­ing from cold. At its core, ex­haust is forced through the walls of chan­nels blocked off at al­ter­nate ends. The trapped par­tic­u­lates are su­per­heated, re­duced to CO2 and, at the same time, the un­wanted HC, NOX and CO are con­verted to small amounts of CO2, ni­tro­gen and wa­ter.

Af­ter leav­ing the fil­ter, ex­haust gases pass through a sec­ond, con­ven­tional three-way cat­alytic con­verter mounted be­neath the floor. This en­sures the tailpipe ex­haust com­plies with the lat­est level of EU6C emis­sions stan­dards even when the en­gine is work­ing flat out.

The Up GTI is sub­ject to the new WLTP (World Har­monised Test Pro­ce­dure) and RDE (Real Driv­ing Emis­sions) test­ing stan­dards. Like EU6C, WLTP ap­plies to all new types of car in­tro­duced af­ter Septem­ber 2017. WLTP should en­sure the quoted emis­sions are much closer to real world out­puts.

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