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1 VOLK­SWA­GEN GOLF GTI MK3 A hot hatch by name badge alone and symp­to­matic of the ter­ri­ble state the genre had got it­self into af­ter its golden era. The Mk3 GTI was noth­ing to look at and no fun to drive and it took VW two gen­er­a­tions to re­cover the ground it lost. 2 PEU­GEOT 207 GTI An­other sheep des­per­ately try­ing to cover its in­ad­e­qua­cies by ex­ploit­ing a past it did not de­serve. A joy­less driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence from a gen­uinely poor car made all the worse by the knowl­edge of how far Peu­geot had slipped, and how fast. 3 RE­NAULT SPORT CLIO V6 MK1 By all ob­jec­tive mea­sures, a ter­ri­ble car. Too heavy, too soft and too short in the wheel­base, it was slow as well as vi­cious on the limit. The looks and V6 give it a cer­tain charm but not enough to make up for its short­com­ings. 4 ALFA ROMEO ARNA The Ja­panese were bril­liant at build­ing cars, the Ital­ians su­perb at de­sign­ing them. So what did Alfa and Nis­san pro­vide? A car de­signed by the Ja­panese and built by the Ital­ians. You couldn’t make it up. And once you’d driven it, you’d wish they hadn’t. 5 MG METRO TURBO The MG Metro was just about ad­e­quate in its poorly built and rather lim­ited fashion. The Turbo ver­sion raised the price point but not the abil­ity level, leav­ing a car that was still slow but now with added ex­pense and turbo lag.

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