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An elec­tric Bee­tle looks promis­ing and plau­si­ble on sev­eral grounds.

First, given the global suc­cesses the new-gen Mini and lat­ter-day Fiat 500 have be­come, you can un­der­stand why VW should want to do the same with its best-re­mem­bered model.

The fact that the first and sec­ond at­tempts at a ‘new’ Bee­tle failed must give VW pause, but I reckon Klaus Bischoff is quite right that us­ing rear-wheel drive for this third pro­posal would give it a bet­ter chance. And the resid­ual green­ness of elec­tric un­der­bits make a bet­ter link with the past than the most re­cent ‘new’ Bee­tle, which tried too hard to be a cheap Porsche.

To me, it’ll be about styling suc­cess. If Bischoff and his team of de­sign­ers can be as ef­fec­tive at re­call­ing the orig­i­nal Bee­tle as they have been with the ID Buzz re­call­ing the old Kombi van, I could see an elec­tric edi­tion be­com­ing a real hit.

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