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What are the ben­e­fits of the new sus­pen­sion sys­tem?

“The old hy­draulic sus­pen­sion was great, but it was old tech­nol­ogy, heavy, and quite ex­pen­sive. We could only af­ford to put it on very high-range ve­hi­cles. We wanted to cre­ate com­fort for ev­ery­body and the new pro­gres­sive hy­draulic cush­ions give us that abil­ity. We can put it on any ve­hi­cle we want.”

Are there plans for a seven-seat C5 Air­cross?

“There are no par­tic­u­lar plans, be­cause we have the C4 Space­tourer and they have to live to­gether. We will have Space­tourer in the range un­til our cus­tomers are not buy­ing

Why make the switch from Pi­casso to Air­cross?

“Citroën had been aligned with Pi­casso for a very long time, but on MPVS. We wanted to restart the nam­ing strat­egy, mod­ernise the story and move away from some­thing that, in peo­ple’s minds, was al­ways about MPVS. There’s a lot more to Citroën than MPVS these days.”

it, and are mov­ing to­wards some­thing else.”

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