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Why fil­ter­ing in traf­fic is per­fectly fine

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Read­ing the let­ter from Dave Bardsley about cy­clists and mo­tor­cy­clists (Your Views, 9 May) left me face-palm­ing at his ig­no­rance of the law re­gard­ing mo­tor­cy­cles fil­ter­ing through traf­fic and his gen­eral moan­ing at­ti­tude.

I ride mo­tor­cy­cles most days and I, like many oth­ers on two wheels, are con­scious of oth­ers in cars, vans and trucks and ride po­litely. It’s also worth not­ing it’s very rare these days for peo­ple to show any­thing other than con­sid­er­a­tion to­wards those of us legally fil­ter­ing to the front of queues. Why wouldn’t they? It doesn’t cause them any dis­tress and it helps traf­fic to flow.

There are self­ish mo­tor­cy­clists and cy­clists, but we gen­er­ally aren’t the ones veer­ing all over the road while send­ing texts like some car driv­ers. Per­haps Mr Bardsley should have a read of the High­way Code; specif­i­cally Rule 88 of Rules for Mo­tor­cy­clists, which ex­plains ad­vice for le­gal fil­ter­ing. Or even bet­ter, get him­self a mo­tor­cy­cle li­cence and soak up the kind of traf­fic-bust­ing joy we all en­joy. Andy Downes Via email

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