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WLTP, THE NEW, more real-world-rep­re­sen­ta­tive fuel econ­omy test, has given car mak­ers a tough time in try­ing to get every model in their ranges tested be­fore 1 Septem­ber. Now that dead­line has passed, just how many cars have been taken off sale and by how much the of­fi­cial fuel econ­omy fig­ure has in­creased for those cars left can now be re­vealed (p15).

Yet the tax­a­tion sys­tem re­mains based on the old NEDC econ­omy tests. And some car mak­ers are not pub­lish­ing fig­ures from the WLTP tests but are in­stead tak­ing fig­ures from the WLTP tests and con­vert­ing them back to NEDC equiv­a­lents and pub­lish­ing only that fig­ure.

We all know how un­re­li­able NEDC is, yet some car mak­ers are still not let­ting us know ex­actly how a car per­forms in the WLTP test. A new Wltp-based tax­a­tion sys­tem won’t be im­ple­mented un­til April 2020, and only then are we likely to see the real fig­ures.

We’re in favour of WLTP – greater trans­parency and more rel­e­vant fuel econ­omy fig­ures must be em­braced – but the way its im­ple­men­ta­tion has been han­dled by leg­is­la­tors and that some in the in­dus­try have not yet dis­closed the re­sults have not in­spired trust in the new sys­tem in the way that it should.

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