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ANY IN­VI­TA­TION TO lose your­self in the bound vol­umes of the Au­to­car ar­chive is wel­come, but this one was ir­re­sistible. “Look up some old tests,” they said, “and tell us what you can about the va­ri­ety of test­ing equip­ment the Au­to­car road tester has used over what now amounts to 90 years of the job.”

The search yielded re­sults dis­ap­point­ingly read­ily (see page 44). But it amused me most to find out that, while our tim­ing gear’s plainly a bit more so­phis­ti­cated and a lot more re­li­able to­day than it was even as re­cently as the 1990s, two things re­main ut­terly ir­re­place­able as parts of it. With a tape mea­sure and a roll of gaffer tape, all will be well.

We even broke out the gaffer for our his­tory-mak­ing fig­ures on the mind-blow­ing Mclaren Senna, you may be pleased to hear (mag­netic satel­lite aeri­als don’t stick too well to carbonfibre). Did the ex­tra mass, or the as­so­ci­ated drag, slow the Mclaren down? Not as much as a Da­tron Cor­re­vit op­ti­cal tim­ing rig might have, I dare say.

You can re­view the fig­ures we recorded on page 32. I reckon we could still be re­flect­ing on the sig­nif­i­cance of some of them decades from now.

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