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THE TORO ROSSO WAS A TRICKY CAR, WHICH did not de­vel opw ell and lacked power, but Sainz dide xtraor­di­nar yt hings wit hi t, which is why hebea ts t hef orce In­dia driv­ers here.

Sainz’s race to sev­enth in China – miles faster than th eot her mid­fiel dru nners in dif­fi­cul tco ndi­tion s–wasso me­thing spe­cial, as was beat­ing Hamil­ton’s Mercedes to sixth in Monaco. Fourt hin Sin­ga­pore, Sainz’s best re­sult yet in F1, was an­other ex­ampl eof over­achiev­ing in tough cir­cum­stances.

Sainz scored 4 8o f Toro Rosso’s 5 3po ints, an dt he team added onl yo ne more after he left ,w hich says a lot. Fin­ish­ing sev­enth on hi sre nault de­but at Austin – pass­ing Perez aroun dt he out­side at high speed – was Ver­stap­pen-es­que ini ts au­dac­ity.

Red Bull clearl yra nk ssa in zt hird ini ts tal­ent pool ,be hind Ver­stap­pen an dr ic­cia­rdo, whic hi s fai re nough, but Sain zco ntin­ues to sug­gest he i ss im­ply too good to ig­nore.

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