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Re­duc­ing the amount of air­flow that would nor­mally be pulled into the low-pres­sure area of the un­der­floor and dif­fuser is crit­i­cal to the over­all per­for­mance of the un­der­floor.

The de­tail of the floor de­sign just in front of the rear tyre is the area that has most ef­fect on this air­flow. Con­nect­ing this area to how the air­flow gets squeezed around the out­side of the tyre-to-track con­tact patch is what the teams are try­ing to do.

This ver­ti­cal right-an­gle on the outer ex­trem­ity of the floor will re­duce the spillage off the top sur­face, mean­ing that the air dis­placed by the tyre will pull more of the air­flow off the top sur­face through the floor slots to make it act like a seal. This de­tail gets more im­por­tant when you run higher rear ride­heights.

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