Fw 190A-2

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A-2/U1 Fit­ted with Patin PKS 11 di­rec­tional con­trol, a form of au­topi­lot. A-2/U3 Re­con­nais­sance ver­sion fit­ted with 2 x Rb 12.5/7 x 9s cam­era in fuse­lage. EK 16 Robot cam­era fit­ted in port wing lead­ing edge. A-2/SK Fit­ted with Heine ski un­der­car­riage. Fw 190A-3 A-3/U1 Test frame for 6¼in nose ex­ten­sion stan­dard­ised in A-5. A-3/U2 Six RZ 65 73mm air-to-air rocket tubes fit­ted in outer wing po­si­tions. A-3/U3 Re­con­nais­sance ver­sion with two Rb 12.5/7 x 9 cam­eras in fuse­lage be­hind pi­lot’s seat. A-3/U3 (later ver­sion) – Ground attack air­craft with ex­tra ar­mour on nose and on un­der­car­riage doors.var­i­ous ar­ma­ment com­bi­na­tions tried. 12 built.

A-3/U4 Re­con­nais­sance ver­sion with 1 x Rb 20/30, Rb 50/30 or Rb 75/30 or 2 x Rb 12.5/7 x 9. Robot cam­era in port wing lead­ing edge and FUG 17 army ra­dio also fit­ted. Fit­tings to carry 2 x 300 litre drop tanks or 8 x 110lb SC 50 bombs. 12 built. A-3/U5 High-altitude ver­sion. Re­duced weight, no ar­mour, ar­ma­ment re­duced to 2 x MG 151 in wing roots. En­gine moved 6in for­ward. Pro­posal only. A-3/U6 As U5 ex­cept with pi­lot’s seat ar­moured and with­out en­gine move. Pro­posal only. A-3/U7 BMW 801D-2 with­out man­age­ment sys­tem, ar­ma­ment re­duced to 2 x MG 151 in wing roots. Ex­ter­nal air in­takes on en­gine cowl­ing.three built, re­des­ig­nated as A-4/U7 and served with Stab./jg 2. A-3 tp Trop­i­cal fil­ters fit­ted. Aa-3 Ex­port ver­sion for Turkey. Ar­ma­ment of 2 x MG 17 in wing roots, 2 x MG FF in outer wing po­si­tions. FUG 25 ra­dio re­moved. 70 built.

Fw 190A-4

A-4/U1 Fit­ted with BMW 801C-2 en­gine. A-4/U3 Ground attack air­craft with ex­tra ar­mour on nose and on un­der­car­riage doors. Var­i­ous ar­ma­ment com­bi­na­tions. De­vel­oped as Fw 190F-1. A-4/U4 Re­con­nais­sance ver­sion sim­i­lar to A-3/U4. A-5/U5 High altitude ver­sion sim­i­lar to A-3/U5. Pro­posal only. A-5/U6 Sim­i­lar to A-3/U6. Pro­posal only. A-4/U7 Re­des­ig­na­tion of A-3/U7. A-4/U8 Fighter-bomber ver­sion. Pro­vi­sion for 300 litre drop tank, 1 x 500kg SC500 bomb, 1 x AB 500 weapon con­tainer, 1 x 250kg SC250 bomb or 4 x 50kg SC50 bombs un­der fuse­lage. Fit­tings for wing loads of 2 x SC250 or 4 x SC50. Even­tu­ally pro­duced as Fw 190G-1. A-4/R1 Fit­ted with FUG 16 ZE ra­dio to act as for­ma­tion leader. A-4/R6 Fit­ted with 2 x WGR 21 mor­tar tubes, one un­der each wing. A-4 tp Trop­i­cal fil­ters fit­ted.

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