Fw 190A-5

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A-5/U1 Fit­ted with BMW 801C-2 en­gine. One only. A-5/U2 Ar­ma­ment re­duced to 2 x MG 151. 3 x 300 litre drop tanks. Flame-dampers fit­ted around fuse­lage. Dou­ble searchlight in port wing. Four built. De­vel­oped into Fw 190G-3/N long-range night fighter-bomber. A-5/U3 Two ETC 50 bomb racks un­der each wing. Ex­tra ar­mour fit­ted. Orig­i­nally in­tended to en­ter full pro­duc­tion as A-6 fighter-bomber but re­des­ig­nated F-2 in­stead. A-5/U3 tp had trop­i­cal fil­ters. A-5/U4 Re­con­nais­sance ver­sion sim­i­lar to A3/U4. Ini­tially called A-7, then changed to Fw 190E-1 but no se­rial pro­duc­tion fol­lowed. A-5/U4 tp – A-5/U4 fit­ted with trop­i­cal fil­ters. A-5/U8 Fighter-bomber ver­sion with Messer­schmitt de­signed wing racks and Robot cam­era in port wing. De­vel­oped into Fw 190G-2. A-5/U9 Larger wings (34ft 5½in span) and ar­ma­ment changed to 4 x MG 151 in wings and 2 x MG 131 on nose. A-5/U10 MG FF can­non in outer wings re­placed with MG 151/20. A-5/U11 1 x pod­ded MK 103 can­non un­der each wing out­board of land­ing gear. De­vel­oped into R3 con­ver­sion kit for A-6, A-8, F3 and F-8. A-5/U12 2 x pod­ded MG 151/20 can­non un­der each wing. De­vel­oped into A-6/R1. A-5/U13 Fighter-bomber ver­sion sim­i­lar to A5/U8 but with fit­tings for 1 x SC250 un­der each wing. Di­rec­tional con­trol fit­ted, bal­loon ca­ble cut­ter and Robot cam­era. De­vel­oped as the Fw 190G-3. A-5/U14 Tor­pedo car­rier. Fit­ted with mod­i­fied ETC rack to carry 1 x LTF 5b tor­pedo. Mod­i­fied flaps, en­larged ver­ti­cal tail sur­faces, ex­tended tail­wheel leg. Ar­ma­ment re­duced to 2 x MG 151/20. A-5/U15 Tor­pedo car­rier sim­i­lar to A-5/U14 but with au­topi­lot, tar­get finder and fit­tings for one drop tank un­der each wing. In­creased ar­mour. A-5/U16 1 x MK 108 can­non in each outer wing po­si­tion. De­vel­oped into A-6/R2. A-5/U17 Ground attack ver­sion. Ex­tra ar­mour. Outer wing MG FFS swapped for MG 151/20s. ETC 501 rack un­der fuse­lage and each wing. De­vel­oped into Fw 190F-3/R1. A-5/U18 MW 50 wa­ter methanol in­jec­tion for BMW 801. A-5/R1 Sim­i­lar to A-4/R1 but based on A-5. A-5/R6 Sim­i­lar to A-4/R6 but based on A-5. A-5 trop Trop­i­cal fil­ters fit­ted.

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