Fw 190A-8

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A-8/U1 Two seat trainer ver­sion, also known as the Fw 190S-8. A-8/U2 Fit­ting of TSA 2 bomb­sight. Pro­posal only. A-8/R1 2 x MG 151/20 in a pod un­der each wing. Pro­posal only. A-8/R2 As per A-5/U16 but based on A-8 air­frame. A-8/R3 1 x MK 103 in a pod un­der each wing, re­plac­ing MG 151. A-8/R4 As per A-8/R3 but with the MK 103 in­side the wing rather than un­der it. A-8/R5 Fit­ted with 115 litre fuse­lage tank. Pro­posal dropped when this be­came stan­dard fit for the A-8. A-8/R6 As per A-4/R6 but based on A-8 air­frame. A-8/R7 Ex­tra ar­mour but re­tain­ing stan­dard A-8 ar­ma­ment. Pro­posal only. A-8/R8 Ex­tra ar­mour. Ar­ma­ment al­tered to MK 108s in outer wing po­si­tions. A-8/R11 Bad weather fighter with BMW 801 TU en­gine, Patin PKS 12 au­topi­lot, heated wind­screen and port side canopy to re­duce con­den­sa­tion, EZ 42 gun­sight, Lorenz FUG 125 Her­mine ra­dio. A-8/R12 As per A-8/R11 but with A-5/U16 ar­ma­ment.

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