Fw 190A-9

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A-9/U3 The A-9 as the up­per por­tion of a Mis­tel com­bi­na­tion, with the lower part be­ing a Ta 154. A-9/R1 2 x MG/151 un­der each wing. A-9/R2 2 x MK 108 in the outer wing po­si­tions. A-9/R3 1 x MK 103 un­der each wing. A-9/R6 As per A-4/R6 but based on A-9 air­frame. A-9/R8 As per A-8/R8 but based on A-9 air­frame. A-9/R11 As per A-8/R11. Sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of this vari­ant pro­duced. A-9/R12 As per A-8/R11 but with A-9/R2 ar­ma­ment fit­ted.

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