Fw 190F and G… but what about the Fw 190e?

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There were sev­eral re­con­nais­sance sub-vari­ants of the Fw 190 from the A-2 on­wards, usu­ally as the U4 Um­bau mod­i­fi­ca­tion.th­ese were fit­ted with cam­eras, usu­ally the Rb 50/30 or Rb 12.5/7 x 9, mounted in the cen­tre of their fuse­lage point­ing down. A num­ber of cam­era-equipped A-3s first en­tered ser­vice with an eval­u­a­tion unit, 9.(H)/LG 2 at Jüter­bog-damm, in March 1942. In July, the type was used to equip an op­er­a­tional unit, 1.(F)/123 at Tous­sus-le-buc. More fol­lowed and in Oc­to­ber A-4 re­con ver­sions were al­lo­cated to two short-range re­con­nais­sance ver­sions in Rus­sia – 1. and 2./NAGR 13. In mid-1942, Focke-wulf laid down plans for the A-3/U4 and A-5/U4 to be de­vel­oped into a ded­i­cated re­con­nais­sance ver­sion for se­ries pro­duc­tion, the A-7. In Novem­ber 1942 this was changed to the Fw 190E-1. Pro­pos­als for the E-1 to carry a va­ri­ety of ground-attack weapons in ad­di­tion to its cam­eras were drawn up but, like the Fw 190B and C, the type never en­tered pro­duc­tion.

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