Sg 113 Förster­sonde

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The Förster­sonde or ‘For­est Probe’ was an an­ti­tank weapon fit­ted ver­ti­cally within the wings of its car­rier air­craft. Its 45mm shells were au­to­mat­i­cally fired straight down­wards via a sys­tem which de­tected al­ter­ations in the earth’s mag­netic field caused by heavy ar­moured ve­hi­cles.the idea was to fly the Fw 190 in ei­ther a shal­low dive or hor­i­zon­tally at low level above an en­emy ar­moured for­ma­tion and the weapon would do the rest – the 45mm shell be­ing quite suf­fi­cient to punch through the weak up­per ar­mour of tanks such as Sher­mans and T-34s.tests us­ing Fw 190 V75 and a pair of F-8s showed, how­ever, that the weapon was a lit­tle too ef­fec­tive.when it de­stroyed a tank, the re­sult­ing ex­plo­sion was likely to also de­stroy the at­tack­ing air­craft.

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