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The SG 116 Zel­len­dusche or ‘Air­frame shower’ sys­tem was a se­ries of fuse­lage mounted up­wards point­ing tubes, each con­tain­ing a sin­gle MK 103 30mm shell. The idea was for the Fw 190 pi­lot to fly be­neath a bomber for­ma­tion and a photo-elec­tric cell was de­signed to fire the weapon au­to­mat­i­cally when a shadow – such as that of a bomber – passed across it.two F-8s tested the weapon on a Heinkel He 177 and the re­sults were unim­pres­sive.

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The SG 116 was a se­ries of tubes with MK 103 30mm can­non shells in­side. When the car­rier air­craft passed be­neath a bomber it was de­signed to fire au­to­mat­i­cally. It prac­tice, it was in­ac­cu­rate and in­ef­fec­tive. The sin­gle doc­u­ment from 1941 show­ing a pro­posal to fit the Fw 190 with swept or gull­wing type wings. Mod­ern draw­ings show­ing a full air­craft with wings of this shape are en­tirely spec­u­la­tive. The long wings of the Blohm & Voss Bv 246 glider bomb are ev­i­dent in this photo. It was de­signed to soar down onto its tar­get guided by ra­dio waves – ei­ther from the tar­get it­self or from the host air­craft. Left: The three de­signs for the Gero II air­borne flamethrower, IIA, IIB and IIC. None of them reached the pro­to­type stage. Focke-wulf doc­u­ment from Novem­ber 1942 show­ing the fit­ment and op­er­a­tion of the com­pany’s own T1 jet de­sign to the Fw 190. Pro­jected per­for­mance of other jet fighters, such as the Me 262, meant the jet Fw 190 was never taken for­ward.

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