Blohm & VOSS BV 246 hagelkorn

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De­signed for use pri­mar­ily with He 111s or Ju 88s, the Hagelkorn ‘Hail­stone’ was an un­pow­ered fly­ing bomb that could glide to its tar­get af­ter air­borne launch. It had a nar­row stream­lined fuse­lage and ex­tremely nar­row wings with a span of 21ft but a chord of only 9¼in. Although it had no en­gine, the Bv 246 did have an elec­tric gy­ro­scopic guid­ance sys­tem which made au­to­matic cor­rec­tions to the rud­der to main­tain the glider’s course. Fur­ther con­trol was given via FUG 103 equip­ment car­ried within the launcher air­craft. Tests us­ing four Fw 190s were car­ried out dur­ing the sum­mer of 1944. It had been hoped that the Bv 246 could home in on ra­dio trans­mit­ters in Eng­land and de­stroy them but devel­op­ment was still in­com­plete when the war ended.

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