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Fw 190A-2 5476,Yel­low 9. Crashed into the sea off Sogne­fjord, Nor­way, on March 11, 1943. Pi­lot sur­vived. Sal­vaged 1988 and now owned by Wade S Haynes of An­son,texas. Reg­is­tered as N6152P with an ex­pi­ra­tion date of Au­gust 31, 2016.

Fw 190A-5/U3 1227 DG+HO White A. Crashed near Len­ingrad on July 19, 1943, with Feld­webel Paul Rätz of 4./JG 54 at the con­trols. Sal­vaged 1991 and re­stored at the Fly­ing Her­itage Col­lec­tion, Everett, Wash­ing­ton State. Owned by Vul­can Warbirds Inc. Re­stored to fly­ing con­di­tion with its orig­i­nal BMW 801 en­gine. Has the civil reg­is­tra­tion N19027.

Fw 190A-6 550470, White 7. Served with I./JG 26 un­til crashed on Novem­ber 11, 1943. Re­stored with Rus­sian Shvetsov ASH-82 en­gine. Now owned by Mal­colm Laing and lo­cated in Lubbock,texas.

Fw 190A-8 173056, White 14. Built by Focke-wulf at Marien­burg in 1944. Stripped for spares at Rheims in France be­fore be­ing buried at a rail yard. Later re­dis­cov­ered and ini­tially owned by Mal­colm Laing of Texas, be­fore pass­ing into the own­er­ship of Don Hansen who be­gan restora­tion work in 2000. Fit­ted with Rus­sian Shvetsov ASH-82 en­gine by Flug Werk and al­lo­cated civil reg­is­tra­tion N91169. Flew for the first time in restora­tion on Oc­to­ber 9, 2011, at Ba­ton Rouge, Louisiana.

Fw 190A-8 173889,Yel­low 4. Served with 7./JG 1 but crashed at Ülzen, Ger­many, on Novem­ber 26, 1945. Now owned by Mark Timken in Florida and cur­rently un­der restora­tion.

Fw 190A-8 350177, Blue 1. Served with 12./JG 5 but crashed near Herdla, Nor­way, on Fe­bru­ary 9, 1945, af­ter be­ing in­volved in com­bat while de­fend­ing Ger­man de­stroyer Z33. Now lo­cated at the Texas Air Mu­seum in Rio Hondo,texas. In­com­plete.

Fw 190A-8 732070, Blue 9. Served with 9./JG 5 but crashed near Herdla, Nor­way, on Fe­bru­ary 9, 1945, af­ter be­ing in­volved in com­bat while de­fend­ing Ger­man de­stroyer Z33. Now lo­cated at the Texas Air Mu­seum in Rio Hondo,texas.

Fw 190A-8 732183, Blue 4. Served with 12./JG 5 but shot down by RAF Mus­tang and crashed near Herdla, Nor­way, on Fe­bru­ary 9, 1945, af­ter be­ing in­volved in com­bat while de­fend­ing Ger­man de­stroyer Z33. Re­stored at the Texas Air Mu­seum in Rio Hondo,texas. Now owned by Train­ing Ser­vices Inc and is dis­played in the Cot­tbus Han­gar of the Mil­i­tary Avi­a­tion Mu­seum, Vir­ginia Beach.

Fw 190D-9/R11 210968, Black 8. Served with 2./JG 26. Crashed in Lake Sch­w­erin on April 1, 1945. Sal­vaged on Novem­ber 15, 1990, and now un­der­go­ing restora­tion by the Collings Foun­da­tion in Florida.

Fw 190D-9 211028, Black 8. Served with 14./JG 26 but shot down by USAAF Mus­tangs at Elling­hausen, north of Dort­mund, west­ern Ger­many, on March 18, 1945. Sal­vaged 1996, owned by Peter Holloway of Southam and reg­is­tered in the UK as G-DORA. Sold to new pri­vate owner in the US in 2010. Now based at Vir­ginia Beach.

Fw 190D-9 601088. Served with JG 26. Cap­tured by the Bri­tish at Flens­burg, north­ern Ger­many, but trans­ferred to the US and given the ‘for­eign equip­ment’ num­ber FE-120. Shipped to Amer­ica aboard the HMS Reaper and used for testing a Wright Field in 1946. Given to the Na­tional Air and Space Mu­seum but then loaned long term for dis­play at the Na­tional Mu­seum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.

Fw 190D-13/R11 836017 Bh+rm,yel­low 10. Built as an A-8, WNR. 174013 then up­graded to D-13 stan­dard. Served with 1./JG 26 and cap­tured by the RAF at Flens­burg when the war ended.trans­ferred to the US aboard HMS Reaper with ‘for­eign equip­ment’ num­ber FE-118. Do­nated to Ge­or­gia Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­sity in Au­gust 1946. Later taken back to Ger­many for restora­tion be­fore be­ing dis­played at Doug Cham­plin’s Cham­plin Fighter Mu­seum in Mesa, Ari­zona. Do­nated to the Mu­seum of Flight, Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton, when the Fighter Mu­seum closed. Re­stored to near fly­ing con­di­tion.

Fw 190F-8, WNR. un­known, White 5. Served with SG 5. Only wing sur­vives. Owned by Jim Pearce in the UK be­fore be­ing trans­ferred to Mark Timken.

Fw 190F-8/R1 583573. Re­port­edly an­other Fw 190 two-seater. Reg­is­tered in the US as N190ML and owned by Tower Trust Co Trustee of Fort Wayne, In­di­ana – which is a bank.

Fw 190F-8 931862, White 1. Served with 9./JG 54. Shot down by P-51s over Nor­way in the ‘Black Fri­day’ en­gage­ment on Fe­bru­ary 9, 1945. Orig­i­nally un­der restora­tion in Kis­sim­mee, Florida, USA by The White 1 Foun­da­tion, it was trans­ferred to The Collings Foun­da­tion in 2012, and is still ex­pected to be re­turned to air­wor­thy sta­tus.

Fw 190F-8/R1 931884 KT+ZS, White 7. Built by Arado as an A-4 with WNR. 640069, but then re­built by Fieseler as an F-8. Served with I./SG 2. Cap­tured by US forces and given the ‘for­eign equip­ment’ num­ber Fe-117.trans­ferred to the USA on board H.MS Reaper Taken to Free­man Field, In­di­ana, be­fore trans­fer to Park Ridge for mu­seum stor­age on May 31, 1946.Then moved to the Smith­so­nian’s Na­tional Air and Space Mu­seum at Sil­ver Hill, Mary­land. Re­stored in 1980-83. Now on dis­play at Steven Ud­var-hazy Cen­ter, near Dulles Air­port,vir­ginia.

Ta 152H-0/R11 150020, Green 4. Built at Cot­tbus, Ger­many, in De­cem­ber 1944, as an H-0 and de­liv­ered to Er­probungskom­mando Ta 152 at Rech­lin for testing.trans­ferred to JG 301 in early 1945. Cap­tured by the Bri­tish at Aal­borg, Den­mark.trans­ferred to ‘Wat­son’s Whizzers’ and given ‘for­eign equip­ment’ num­ber FE112. Flown to Melun, France, then loaded on to HMS Reaper for trans­fer to the USA. Flown from Ne­wark Army Air­field to Free­man Field, In­di­ana, then to Wright Field, Ohio, for ex­ten­sive testing. Handed over to the Smith­so­nian’s Na­tional Air Mu­seum in 1960. Restora­tion work done in 1998 which found early paint schemes and mount­ings for MG 151 ma­chine guns in the up­per cowl­ing, sug­gest­ing the Green 4 was in­tended to be­come a Ta 152C-1. Now in stor­age, pre­sum­ably at the Na­tional Air and Space Mu­seum.

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