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It is worth not­ing that many of the weapons sys­tems de­scribed in the short bod­ied ar­ti­cle could be fit­ted to the long bod­ied Hueys but rarely were.the D, H and N model had both a for­ward and rear hard point, which meant py­lons such as the M156 uni­ver­sal mounts could be fit­ted at the front or rear edges of the cabin door.

XM23/M23 – The M23 con­sisted of a pin­tle mount at both main cabin doors for an M60D 7.62mm ma­chine gun for self de­fence on air­borne as­saults.this was fit­ted to the UH-1D, H and the later N.

M56 – The M56 has two SUU-13D/A mine dis­pensers on re­in­forced M156 uni­ver­sal mounts and was fit­ted to the UH-1H.

XM59/M59 – A vari­a­tion of the M23 where the pin­tle mounts could sup­port ei­ther a Brown­ing .50 cal ma­chine gun or an M175 40mm grenade launcher as al­ter­na­tives to the M60D.

XM93/XM93E1/M93 – Two M134 Mini­guns could be fit­ted on door mounts in UH-1DS, Hs and Ns.the E1 ver­sion of the sys­tem in­cluded an M60 re­flex sight for the pi­lot who could fire the guns re­motely when locked for­wards. A sep­a­rate mount and py­lon was of­ten fit­ted along with the door guns to carry a pair of seven tube rocket launch­ers of vary­ing types.

XM94/M94 – As per the XM93, but one or both of the M134 Mini­guns was re­placed by an M129 40mm grenade launcher.

US Army Avi­a­tion Mu­seum

The M23 weapons sys­tem com­prised pin­tle mounted M60 ma­chine guns at both main cabin doors of the UH-1D, H and N.

US Army

The M93 com­prised of two M134 Mini­guns on door mounts and of­ten a sep­a­rate mount for a pair of seven tube rocket launch­ers, as seen here on a Viet­namese Air Force UH-1H.

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