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FN MAG ma­chine gun The FN MAG 7.62mm ma­chine gun is widely used on the Huey, es­pe­cially in Ar­gentina, Brazil and Chile. In Ar­gentina they use the CITEFA SOPAM and other py­lons.

CITEFA MAG gun pod The Ar­gen­tine Armed Forces re­search in­sti­tute CITEFA de­vel­oped a gun pod to carry one MAG ma­chine gun on each side of the Huey, the pods be­ing used on the Ar­gen­tine Army attack UH-1HS.

CITEFA ARM-657-A Mam­boretá This 57mm rocket launcher was briefly used by Ar­gen­tine Air Force on its UH-1DS and Hs fit­ted with Aspid rock­ets, all lo­cally built.

EDESA rocket launcher The Ar­gen­tine com­pany EDESA de­vel­oped a ver­sion of the US built M-3 launcher but for the lo­cally built Al­ba­tros rocket, which was dif­fer­ent to the FFAR. Later they were mod­i­fied by Ar­gen­tine Army petty of­fi­cer Ernesto ‘Harry’ Lencina and called Harry Rocket Launch­ers.they are still in ser­vice with Ar­gen­tine Army UH-1HS.

CITEFA IIAE-238 An Ar­gen­tine ver­sion of the LAU-61/A rocket pod, used by Ar­gen­tine Air Force UH-1HS and Bell 212 and Ar­gen­tine Army UH-1HS.

CITEFA Gallo I, II and Pato In Ar­gentina, CITEFA mod­i­fied the LAU-32/A rocket pod to fire the Al­ba­tros rock­ets and called it the Gallo I, later re­placed by the six tube Gallo II, which was lighter. Later, the Pato launcher was built, with nine un­shrouded tubes. CITEFA launch­ers for Pam­pero rock­ets The Ar­gen­tine CITEFA de­vel­oped the Pam­pero 105mm rocket and a num­ber of launch­ers for use on Ar­gen­tine Army Hueys.the first launcher was the cylin­dri­cal Yaguareté for six rock­ets, made of alu­minium. It was fol­lowed by the lighter rec­tan­gu­lar Mi­cro­bio, also for six rock­ets. Lastly, a seven tube ver­sion of the Yaguareté was also tested.

CITEFA Martín Pescador This air-to-sur­face short range mis­sile was de­vel­oped in Ar­gentina dur­ing the 1970s and tested on an Ar­gen­tine Army UH-1H Huey, se­rial AE-405, dur­ing the 1980s, but it was never launched.

CITEFA mount for 12.7mm ma­chine gun CITEFA built a mount for a door-op­er­ated 12.7mm Brown­ing M-3 ma­chine gun, used by the Ar­gen­tine Army Hueys, as well as one for rocket launch­ers with a mount for a Brown­ing M-2HB ma­chine gun.


Avi­brás MTR 762 gun pod Dur­ing the 1970s, the Brazil­ian com­pany Avi­brás tested a gun pod for a sin­gle MAG ma­chine gun, in­stalled on the for­ward py­lon of the Huey, with the ammunition in­side the cabin.

Avi­brás Ar­ma­ment Sub­sys­tem A weapons py­lon was de­vel­oped by this com­pany for use on Brazil­ian Air Force Hueys, con­sist­ing of an Avi­brás-built seven tube 70mm rocket launcher and a MAG ma­chine gun that could be fit­ted to fire for­ward or to be op­er­ated by the door gun­ner.the sys­tem is still op­er­a­tional to­day.

San­ti­ago Ri­vas Ar­chive

A CITEFA built MAG ma­chine gun py­lon de­vel­oped for the Ar­gen­tine Army Hueys.

An Avi­brás MTR 762 gun pod on the for­ward mount of a Brazil­ian Air Force Huey.

San­ti­ago Ri­vas Ar­chive

A CITEFA mount for a 12.7mm Brown­ing M2 ma­chine gun on an Ar­gen­tine Army UH-1H.

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