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Af­ter the US, the sec­ond coun­try to op­er­ate UH-1S in Antarc­tica was Ar­gentina, whose air force UH-1HS be­gan op­er­a­tions dur­ing the sum­mer of 1968 to sup­port Ma­tienzo base, which was in a crit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion be­cause bad weather had made its re-sup­ply im­pos­si­ble for two years. Two he­li­copters were de­ployed on the ARA San Martin ice­breaker and car­ried sup­plies to the base. In 1972 the air force Hueys were joined by Army Avi­a­tion UH-1HS. On De­cem­ber 22, 1974, air force he­li­copter H-10 was lost dur­ing a heavy storm when the he­li­copter fell over­board from the ARA San Martin while sail­ing close to South Shet­land Is­lands. Later, on De­cem­ber 6, 1976, H-16 was lost with its crew when car­ry­ing a load of un­der­slung sup­plies to the Vice­co­modoro Maram­bio base in white­out con­di­tions.the cargo sling hit a cliff close to the base. From 1978, the air force he­li­copters were re­placed by the twin en­gined Bell 212 which is still in use to­day, while the army UH-1HS were also joined by two Bell 212s in 1976. From 1980 they were re­placed in Antarc­tic op­er­a­tions by the new SA-330L Puma. An­other air force to op­er­ate in Antarc­tica was Chile, which started op­er­a­tions in the late Sev­en­ties with UH-1H H-81 and H-89. The op­er­a­tions in Antarc­tica were per­formed for a num­ber of years with UH-1HS un­til they were re­placed by the MBB Bo-105 and later by a sin­gle S-70A Black­hawk.

An Ar­gen­tine Air Force UH-1H on board the ARA Gen­eral San Martín ice­breaker dur­ing one of the first Antarc­tic op­er­a­tions of the type. A Chilean Air Force UH-1H op­er­at­ing in Antarc­tica.the he­li­copter wore a spe­cial paint scheme tested on this air­craft. A Chilean Air Force UH-1H and the sole Bell 212 op­er­ated by the force, pho­tographed in Antarc­tica in the early 1980s.

San­ti­ago Ri­vas Ar­chive

San­ti­ago Ri­vas Ar­chive

San­ti­ago Ri­vas Ar­chive

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