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Re­gard­ing your ex­cel­lent story ‘ In Town Slow Down’, I thought your news­pa­per may be in­ter­ested in a live ex­am­ple of my re­cent ex­pe­ri­ence of inat­ten­tive driv­ing.

Firstly, a great big thank you to the Al­loway vet Rachel and the staff of the Robert Burns Birth­place Mu­seum.

Rachel stopped to help as did the mu­seum staff.

On a clear dry morn­ing four weeks ago, I was cy­cling to­wards the Mon­u­ment and Brig O’Doon, a straight piece of road.

A car came to­wards my left side from Mur­doch’s Lone and knocked me off the bike into the mid­dle of the road.

Rachel quickly came to my aid as did the mu­seum staff fol­lowed by paramedics and the po­lice.

I do not know if the driver said sorry or asked if I was okay.

Af­ter ques­tion­ing me and the para­medic, the po­lice left say­ing they would con­tact me later.

At this point they be­lieved that the bike was un­dam­aged.

Still in a state of shock, I tried to make light of the in­ci­dent.

The medic took me to the mu­seum and tended to wounds to my leg, arm and hand.

The mu­seum staff kindly took me home.

Sub­se­quently, the bike was found to be dam­aged and taken to the bike shop.

The po­lice did not con­tact me, so I con­tacted them to be told that no fur­ther ac­tion would be taken.

I asked for de­tails of the driver but was re­fused.

By this time the in­juries had be­come more painful and are still painful to­day al­though less so.

The bike has been re­paired.

To my knowl­edge the driver has yet to ask af­ter my health or to of­fer to pay for the dam­age.

If it had been a car he would have ex­changed in­sur­ances.

If it had been a child the in­juries may be been more se­ri­ous. A sim­ple ‘ sorry’ or ‘ hope you are okay’ would have been nice. Please watch the road and as the pa­per said “In town slow down.” From a car­ing cy­clist

Time to lis­ten again Once a prime tar­get for clo­sure by the coun­cil, fol­lowed by a three month wait of un­cer­tainty for all con­cerned, in­clud­ing Prest­wick pool staff, our pop­u­lar fa­cil­ity has been saved.

This was achieved by the over­whelm­ing re­sponse from the pub­lic.

A huge num­ber of peo­ple signed pe­ti­tions – an in­cred­i­ble 9000 – and many in­di­vid­u­als raised ob­jec­tions, in­clud­ing school chil­dren who wrote let­ters.

For over a year it has not been pos­si­ble to con­tact Prest­wick pool di­rectly by phone and in­stead con­tact has to be made through the Citadel, who ob­vi­ously do not have the time/ staff to re­spond.

I have waited many times for over 10 min­utes be­fore fi­nally hang­ing up.

Now I hear the coun­cil in­tend to do the same with Troon pool.

We don’t all use the in­ter­net for in­for­ma­tion and speak­ing to the pool di­rectly was some­thing sim­ple that made sense.

It worked be­fore, why change it! South Ayr­shire Coun­cil, please lis­ten to us again.

Linda Fin­layson

Dis­grace­ful pave­ments Just re­turned from a walk along Whitletts Road/ Main Road in Ayr.

What a mess the pave­ments are in, with dog dirt ev­ery­where.

I walk on var­i­ous streets in Ayr and most are also cov­ered in dog dirt but Whitletts Road/ Main Road is by far the worst.

The dog own­ers of Ayr should hang their heads in shame for al­low­ing this to hap­pen.

These dog own­ers need to be stopped and fined for this aw­ful be­hav­iour.

Not one dog war­den was in sight to is­sue a fine to these half wits. Do they hon­estly think this type of be­hav­iour is ac­cept­able in a civ­i­lized so­ci­ety?

They should be named and shamed, us­ing the many CCTV cam­eras, we are al­ways be­ing told are watch­ing our ev­ery move. Name and ad­dress sup­plied

Disgusting grass verges I write to you in the hope that you might be able to high­light the re­ally disgusting state of many of our road­side grass verges.

I reg­u­larly drive from Ayr to Fail­ford and feel re­ally de­pressed to see plas­tic bot­tles, cans etc. strewn all over the verges.

It is un­be­liev­able that any­one would think they have the right to lit­ter our coun­try­side in such a way.

Such de­press­ing sights can be seen all over the roads in Ayr­shire and Dum­fries and Galloway which I reg­u­larly tra­verse but is prob­a­bly a prob­lem else­where also.

I have writ­ten to SAC and the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment and both have agreed that there is a prob­lem and have sent me de­tails of the cam­paigns that they are run­ning to try and tackle this is­sue.

The ad­verts and posters that are sup­posed to be try­ing to ed­u­cate of­fend­ers are a joke and I know of no- one who has seen or even heard of them and I dread to think how much it cost to pro­duce these in­ef­fec­tive ma­te­ri­als.

I sug­gested to the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment that a cam­paign should be launched on the back of a change to the law that would mean that car own­ers can be fined for lit­ter thrown from their cars, as in Eng­land. At present in Scot­tish Law you have to ac­tu­ally see the face of the of­fender, which is nearly im­pos­si­ble to achieve, hence fines are few and far be­tween.

I do hope that you can high­light this is­sue in some way, it just makes me so sad and MAD!

Cathie Gra­cie

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