The per­ils of hav­ing your drink spiked

Cara’s drive to keep young women safer when they’re out on the town

Ayrshire Post - - Around Ayr - Pippa Smith

A cam­paign has been set up to raise aware­ness of peo­ple hav­ing their drinks spiked.

Cara Taven, from Coyl­ton, set up a Face­book page called ‘ Girls Against Spik­ing’to bring to light the ef­fects of spik­ing on nights out and to, hope­fully, erad­i­cate it.

The Face­book page, which has gained a fol­low­ing of over 3000 peo­ple in one week, hopes to at­tract the at­ten­tion of night­clubs and bars and is aim­ing for lids to be put on all drinks served at their bars as part of a drive to stop peo­ple hav­ing their drinks spiked.

Cara, 21, told the Post about her cam­paign.

She said: “I have heard a lot about peo­ple get­ting spiked re­cently, in my lo­cal area and in the Glas­gow re­gion, and I know that a lot of peo­ple in Ayr do go out in Glas­gow.

“It tends to be younger girls about my age that get af­fected by spik­ing and that was some­thing I have re­ally started to think about.

“This is some­thing that could hap­pen to any­one.

“I’m a law stu­dent and the rea­son why I wanted to study law was to rep­re­sent peo­ple who maybe don’t have the con­fi­dence t o r e p r e s e n t them­selves and to make a dif­fer­ence that way and I think that is where get­ting the idea to make the page has come from.

“I h o n e s t l y thought it would be a page where the girls at my work could like – I am sur­prised by the re­sponse.

“I re­mem­ber say­ing to some­one at work ‘ If you like the page it’ll take me to 40 likes’ – then when I woke up in the morn­ing and it was 3000.

“I haven’t been af­fected by spik­ing – it’s not re­ally about me or any­one that I know. It is about the com­mu­nity of girls my age.

“I just felt like the an­swer was there and no one has done any­thing about it un­til now.”

Last month, we told of how Cleo Smil­lie, 19, from Ayr, was on a night out in Madrid with her friend, Marc Davies, when she blacked out after one sip of her pink gin and lemon­ade.

It was later learned that she had a high level of GHB in her blood – the date- rape drug.

Strath­clyde Union is among the night­clubs and bars that were prompted by the cam­paign and have gone on to or­der 1000 lids on a trial ba­sis as they work on ways to keep stu­dents as safe as pos­si­ble on nights out.

No one has done any­thing about it un­til now

Con­cerns Cara Taven has set up a Face­book page called ‘ Girls Against Spik­ing’ to high­light the prob­lem

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