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Heifer in Milk 1 Mungo Guthrie, White­flat, Ca­trine 2 R & M Scott, Shack­le­hill, Tar­bolton

3 Adam Mackie, Mead­ow­bank, Stair Cow in Milk 1 Robert Veitch, Strand­head, Tar­bolton Cham­pion Mungo Guthrie Re­serve R & M Scott


Heifer in Calf 1 Drew Wil­son, Out­mains, Tar­bolton Cow in Calf but not in Milk 1 GT& G Bor­land, Moss­bog, Tar­bolton

Heifer in Milk 1 GT& G Bor­land

2 Robert Veitch, Strand­head

Cow in Milk 1 Jim Kennedy, Carngillan, Tar­bolton 2 Robert Veitch

3 GT& G Bor­land

Aged Cow in Milk 1st R& M. Scott

2 Robert Veitch

3 Jim McGre­gor & Sons, Park­mill, Tar­bolton Best Pair 1 GT& G Bor­land 2 Robert Veitch

3 Jim Kennedy

Best An­i­mal Bred by Ex­hibitor Jim Kennedy Cham­pion R& M Scott Re­serve Cham­pion Jim Kennedy


Dairy An­i­mal with Best Ud­der R& M Scott

Pair of Ayr­shire or Hol­stein Cat­tle 1 Robert Veitch

2 GT& G, Bor­land

3 Jim McGre­gor & Sons Group of Three 1 GT & G Bor­land

2 Robert Veitch

3 Adam Mackie Group of Five 1 Robert Veitch

2 GT& G, Bor­land Dairy Calf shown by a Ju­nior Un­der 14 1 Josh Kennedy, East Carngillan

2 Tommy Bor­land and Ryan Hodge, Moss­bog

3 Adam Mackie Jnr, Mead­ow­bank

Best Ju­nior Calf Tommy Bor­land and Ryan Hodge Best Se­nior Calf and Best Pre­sented Calf Josh Kennedy, Carngillan Yeld Heifer 1 R & M. Scott 2 Lo­gan Hen­drie, Mil­lands, Gal­ston

3 Adam Mackie

Best Fe­male, Bred by ex­hibitor and con­fined to Tar­bolton Parish Jim Kennedy, Carngillan

Best Fe­male, Bred by ex­hibitor Jim Kennedy Best Fe­male, Any Age, Con­fined to Tar­bolton Parish 1 Jim Kennedy Supreme Dairy Cham­pion R& M Scott

Re­serve Supreme Dairy Cham­pion Mungo Bryson


Beef Calf Born in 2018 1 John & Louise Hunter, Hall­rig, Tar­bolton

Pure Bred Cow, Any Breed 1 John & Louise Hunter Pure Bred Maiden or in- Calf Heifer 1st John & Louise Hunter Cham­pion John & Louise Hunter ( with calf, Hall­rig Out­stand­ing) Re­serve John & Louise Hunter ( with calf, Hall­rig Oh La La)

Vin­tage Trac­tors & Ma­chin­ery Vin­tage Trac­tor 1 John McNae, May­field, Yett, Tar­bolton ( DB770) 2 Rus­sell Mc­Nab, Springs Farm, Stair Vin­tage Agric. Ma­chine 1 Rus­sell Mc­Nab ( with Box Cart)

Best Trac­tor John McNae Best Ex­hibit in Sec­tion Rus­sell Mc­Nab

Pets Classes

Dog 1 Stevenson Fam­ily, Parkhill, Tar­bolton ( Red Set­ter)

2 Ian Howie, Tar­shaw, Tar­bolton ( Cocker Spaniel) 3 Kirsten Lo­gan, Kil­birnie

Any Other Pet 1 Lucy Hamil­ton, Bar­moorhill, Tar­bolton

Roots & Seeds 3 Spec­i­men Swedes 1, & 3 Hugh B. Fer­gus­son ( Daw­son), Bri­gend Mains, Coyl­ton

12 Round Po­ta­toes 1 & 3 Daw­son

2 Robert Pater­son, 21 Burn­ton Road, Dal­rym­ple 12 Kid­ney Po­ta­toes 1, 2 & 3 Daw­son

Heavy Potato 1& 2 David Gilliland, Fern­lea Av­enue, Mauch­line

3 Daw­son

3 Long Car­rots 1& 2 Robert Pater­son

3 Daw­son

3 Stump Car­rots 1& 3 David Gilliland

2 Daw­son

1 Field Cab­bage 1,2& 3 Daw­son

2 Ki­los Bar­ley 1 Drew Wil­son, Out­mains, Tar­bolton

2 Alas­tair Weir, Gate­side, Old Toll, By Ayr

3 Robin Hamil­ton, Bar­moorhill, Tar­bolton 2 Ki­los Wheat 1& 2 Robin Hamil­ton

Heavy Turnip 1,2,3 Daw­son One Square Foot Sward 1,2& 3 Daw­son

2 Ki­los Hay 1 Alas­tair Weir 2& 3 Daw­son

2 Ki­los Pit Silage 1 Jim Kennedy, East Carngillan, Tar­bolton

2 GT& G. Bor­land, Moss­bog, Tar­bolton

3 Ian Howie, Tar­shaw, Tar­bolton

2 Ki­los Big Bale Silage 1 Alas­tair McC­ly­mont, Wal­ston, Tar­bolton

2 John Hunter, Hall­rig, Tar­bolton

3 Daw­son

2 Ki­los Whole Crop Silage 1 Alas­tair Weir

Best Silage Ex­hibit Jim Kennedy

Best Ex­hibit in Sec­tion Robert Pater­son ( 3 Long Car­rots)

Most Points in Sec­tion Daw­son ( Hugh Fer­gus­son), Brid­gend Mains, Coyl­ton


Cock or Cock­erel ( Soft Feath­ers) 1& 2 Cal­lum, Gre­gor & Rory Brown, Kirkhill, Craigie

3 Martin McGhee, Ste­wart Road, Ayr

Hen or Pul­let ( Soft Feath­ers) 1& 3 Cal­lum, Gre­gor & Rory Brown

2 Martin McGhee

Cock or Cock­erel ( Hard Feath­ers) 1& 2 Les Chalmers, Sta­tion Cot­tage, Tar­bolton 3 R. Leitch, Ayr

Hen or Pul­let ( Hard Feath­ers) 1& 2 Les Chalmers Any Va­ri­ety Cock or Hen

( to be shown by a Ju­nior) 1& 2 Cal­lum, Gre­gor & Rory Brown, Kirkhill, Craigie Best in Show AND Best of Op­po­site Sex Cal­lum, Gre­gor & Rory Brown Pi­geons

Rac­ing Homer ( Old Cock) 1H. Gray 2& 3 J. Wat­ters, Mauch­line

Rac­ing Homer ( Young Cock) 1 J. Dunn, Gate­side Road, Dalmelling­ton

2 H. Gray

Rac­ing Homer ( Old Hen) 12& 3 J. Dunn

Rac­ing Homer ( Young Hen) 1& 2 J. Dunn 3 H. Gray Best Bird in Show J. Dunn Best of Op­po­site Sex A. Gray

Hunters, Ponies, Jump­ing & Pony Games

Child’s Pony, 14.2 and un­der 1 Kirstin McGin­nis, Main Street, Ochiltree

2 Alana Green­wood, Mer­rick Drive, Bells­bank 3 Eilidh Cowan, 18 Ban­field Drive, Cum­nock

First Rid­den Pony, rider un­der

10 years 1 Lucy Sim­mons, Shal­loch Park, Ayr

2 Rosie McNa­mara, Rowal­lan, Whit­ing Bay 3 Ge­or­gia Martin, Mul­doon Place, Irvine

Lead Rein Pony, rider un­der 8 1 Edi Howat, The Robin, Wheatrig, Kil­maurs

2 La­cie McAne­spie, Pen­n­yarthur Farm, Dalmelling­ton

3 Rob­bie Lo­gan, Plann Farm Cot­tage, Kil­birnie Cham­pion Pony Kirstin McGin­nis

Re­serve Cham­pion Ge­or­gia Martin

Rid­den Hunter 1 Mrs. M. Mont­gomerie, Tit­wood, Kil­maurs ( Rider Ni­cola Law­son)

2 Lucy McGe­orge, Traboy­ack Farm, Barr 3 Sa­man­tha Cole, Kirk­land Farm, Kil­marnock Rid­ing Horse or Cob 1 Claire Cun­ning­ham, Langholm Cot­tage, Syming­ton 2 El­iz­a­beth Lau­rie, Moss­bank, Mauch­line 3 Lau­ren Coul­ter, Dal­howan Street, Crosshill

Rid­ing Club Horse 1 Claire Cun­ning­ham

2 Sa­man­tha Cole 3 El­iz­a­beth Lau­rie Rid­den Ex- Race­horse 1 El­iz­a­beth Lau­rie 2 Shan­non McCrorie 3 Lau­ren Coul­ter

Cham­pion Horse Mrs. M. Mont­gomerie ( Rider Ni­cola Law­son)

Re­serve Cham­pion Horse Claire Cun­ning­ham Win­ner of Out­mains Per­pet­ual Tro­phy

For Supreme Cham­pion Horse or Pony Fiona Roy, Con­nel View, New Cum­nock Moun­tain & Moor­land Pony A 1 Eleanor Crate, Hole­house Cot­tage, Holly­bush

2 Eleanor Crate Moun­tain & Moor­land Pony B 1Linda Mc­Cur­die, Toller­ton Drive, Irvine 2 Me­gan Wil­son, Dykeneuk Farm, Sorn

3 Ju­lia Kerr, Broomhill Cot­tage, Dun­don­ald

Rid­den Moun­tain & Moor­land Pony 1 Lau­ren Jarvis, Green­hill Hold­ings, Kil­marnock

2 Linda Mc­Cur­die

3 Emma McK­in­non, Hurl­ford Road, Kil­marnock

Cham­pion Moun­tain & Moor­land Eleanor Crate Re­serve Cham­pion Lau­ren Jarvis

Coloured Class, Skew­bald Or Piebald 1 Sa­man­tha Cole 2 Alice Hew­son, Or­chard House, Stair

3 Jor­dan Clark, Lit­tle Bar­leith, Hurl­ford

Best Rider un­der 17 Years 1 Ab­bie Dick­son, McDougall Place, Kil­marnock

2 Katie Lauch­lan

3 Lau­ren Coul­ter

Fam­ily Pony 1 Shan­non Boyle, Lade­side Road, Kil­maurs

2 Alana Green­wood, Mer­rick Drive, Bells­bank 3 Lea An­der­son, Liffnock Av­enue, Hurl­ford

Lead Rein Jump­ing 1 Eve Kidd, Burnock Mill, Ochiltree

2 Rob­bie Lo­gan, Plann Farm Bun­ga­low, Kil­birnie

3 Edi Howat

Pony Jump­ing ( Rider 12 years or un­der) 1 Kate Wylie, West High­gate Cot­tage, Beith

2 Kirstin Lo­gan, Plann Farm Bun­ga­low, Kil­birnie

3 Holly Wylie

Pony Jump­ing ( Rider 16 years or un­der) 1 Robyn Cun­ning­ham, Wel­ton Road, Mauch­line

2 Kirstin Lo­gan

3 Marissa Za­chorecki, Harper­land, Dun­don­ald Open Jump­ing Com­pe­ti­tion ( max height 80cm) 1 Heather Wylie, West High­gate Cot­tage, Beith

2 Robert Hen­drie, Wester­land Farm, Hurl­ford 3 Sarah Killen, Liffnock Farm, Hurl­ford

Open Jump­ing ( min height 80cm) 1 Heather Wylie

2 Natasha Ro­ma­niuk 3 Sarah Killen

Wee Scoutts Chal­lenge Cup for Most Points in Pony Games

1 Kate Wylie

2 Kirstin Lo­gan

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