Are we our own worst en­e­mies?

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I would like to con­grat­u­late Peter Burns for his let­ter in last week’s Chron­i­cle. He quite rightly con­demns those who sup­port democ­racy only un­til or as long as it gives them the re­sult they want. As he states, Wera Hob­house and her Lib Dem party seem to epit­o­mise that doc­trine but we hear very lit­tle from them as to what they would do to about is­sues such as the net £8.5bil­lion we pay to the EU; the fact that 65 per cent of our laws were made in Brus­sels, that we em­ploy 73 MEPS each cost­ing about £1.7m (three times as much as our MPS) and we help fund a monthly trav­el­ling cir­cus when all MEPS and their staff (over 10,000) move from Brus­sels to Stras­bourg where they sit for four days at a cost of £130m. Also bor­der con­trol, tax rates and our Govern­ment be­ing able to sup­port com­pa­nies in trou­ble. Does Wera have a view? Much of the con­fu­sion and near anar­chy we are see­ing to­day is surely born out of the neg­a­tive, al­most Ar­maged­don pre­dic­tions be­ing ped­dled by the ‘re­main­ers,’ those who refuse to ac­cept a demo­cratic ref­er­en­dum re­sult they did not like. Were everyone in the UK to ac­cept the ref­er­en­dum re­sult whole-heart­edly and get be­hind it, the EU would see us as a greater chal­lenge. United we stand, di­vided we fall!! At the mo­ment the EU must surely be rub­bing their hands and think­ing that by mak­ing life dif­fi­cult it al­lows the ‘re­main­ers’ to keep say­ing “Hur­ray, we told you so.” They EU is us­ing a pro­por­tion of our own pop­u­la­tion - the ‘re­main­ers’ - against us and with their help, will suc­ceed in in­flict­ing a bad deal upon us.

Stan Frith

Prior Park Road Bath

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