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For some rea­son, re­cently, I’ve been asked by a few peo­ple to see col­umns I’d writ­ten. They weren’t aware I had a spot in here, so when I men­tion it, think­ing they’re in the know, I get sud­den re­quests to see one. It’s a re­minder that there are ac­tu­ally peo­ple out there that are in­ter­ested in what I have to say, which is some­thing I usu­ally con­vince my­self isn’t the case. I usu­ally keep a lot about my­self un­der wraps, like su­per top se­cret clas­si­fied in­for­ma­tion, and only choose very care­fully what I present to oth­ers. So, I tend to just be­come an echocham­ber of a per­son, only say­ing what I need to in or­der to fit in, be­cause that’s what my hav­ing Asperger’s has taught me is the cor­rect thing to do. Yet, con­trary to that, there are peo­ple who want to know more, so here I am, writ­ing for them. I was plan­ning to brag about my ad­ven­tures in Ja­pan, but I’m sure that the peo­ple who do know me well enough have had more of that than they’d ever want to ex­pe­ri­ence, so I’ll have mercy on them be­cause I know for a fact they read th­ese every time. In­stead, I want to talk about my un­cle’s up­com­ing wed­ding. In two weeks, I’ll be at­tend­ing that. It’s the first wed­ding I’ve been to that I will prob­a­bly re­mem­ber. I went to one when I was 12 or 13, but I was a very bit­ter, mean-spir­ited per­son back then, so I blocked it out of my mind. All I re­mem­ber is be­ing forced to go. I still have no in­ter­est in the wed­ding it­self. I sim­ply don’t have it in me to care - it doesn’t come nat­u­rally to me. Rather, I just want to wear my su­per fancy clothes. In re­cent years, I’ve had the re­al­i­sa­tion that I’m ac­tu­ally an adult (if you don’t count my height) and that within rea­son, I can do what­ever I want. That means I can ac­tu­ally dress the way I want rather than just wear­ing what my mother says suits me. So, with that in mind, I started ac­tu­ally look­ing for what I like. As it turns out, I found what I like, and when out with my friend a few months ago, I bought the cen­tre­piece of my new wardrobe. For the first time ever, thanks to buy­ing that, I’ve ac­tu­ally taken both in­ter­est, and pride, in how I present my­self to oth­ers. I wanted to buy more of the same kind of thing, but what I learned is that it’s re­ally hard to find the sorts of clothes peo­ple wore 200 years ago. If I could get my hands on some, my en­tire wardrobe would look like a pe­riod drama with a few more “nor­mal” things thrown in for good mea­sure. In any case, I’m look­ing for­ward to keep­ing my prom­ise later on in the year and be­ing a total show off.

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