How long do chim­panzees live?

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AThe long­est recorded life­span for a chim­panzee in cap­tiv­ity is 62, though a less re­li­able record ex­ists of a fe­male liv­ing un­til 78. Life­span in the wild is harder to gauge, but a re­cent study of 306 chimps at Ngogo in Uganda’s Kibale Na­tional Park showed the av­er­age life ex­pectancy to be about 33 years. This is nearly twice as old as has been found for other chim­panzee groups, and about the same as the av­er­age life­span of hu­man hunter-gather­ers. But the Ngogo group is not a typ­i­cal one. Un­like other groups stud­ied, it in­hab­its a pro­duc­tive, healthy for­est with low lev­els of hu­man dis­tur­bance. In which case, it might be a more ac­cu­rate re­flec­tion of nat­u­ral life­span.

Ngogo chimps out­live their cousins else­where, sur­viv­ing to the ripe old age of 33.

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