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It’s the sea­son for find­ing gi­ant spi­ders in the bath, and if you're keen to con­quer your arachno­pho­bia, try Spi­der House (BBC iPlayer, un­til 27 Novem­ber),

a 90-minute spe­cial that re­veals what spi­ders re­ally get up to in the nooks and cran­nies of our four walls. Alice Roberts is dis­patched to a spi­der-filled house in Hert­ford­shire to meet en­to­mol­o­gist Tim Cock­er­ill and un­cover arach­nid be­hav­iour at the clos­est of quar­ters, dis­cov­er­ing how they hunt and mate, how they spin webs and what re­ally hap­pens if we flush them down the plug­hole. Stay­ing with an­i­mal ar­chi­tects, beavers have made a re­turn to the UK, and you can learn all about th­ese charis­matic river-dwellers by lis­ten­ing to Nat­u­ral His­to­ries: Beaver (www.bbc.co.uk/ pro­grammes/b09byqhy), a half-hour pod­cast in which broad­caster and nat­u­ral­ist Brett West­wood asks if we can live with the changes beavers bring to our land­scapes, and writer Jim Crum­ley dis­cusses their engi­neer­ing prow­ess. Fi­nally, our screens are cur­rently awash with the wa­tery won­ders of Blue Planet II, and for more of the marine world, take in the fan­tas­tic BBC se­ries Shark (Net­flix), an inspiring two-parter in­tro­duc­ing 30 species from the shal­lows to the deep.

Beavers are back in Bri­tain.

Alice and the arach­nids. xxx xxx

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