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WHAT IS IT? It’s not just a name. These ants, now of­fi­cially de­scribed as Colobop­sis ex­plo­dens, do, quite lit­er­ally, ex­plode. Cer­tain work­ers in the colony spe­cialise in this form of self-sac­ri­fice in the face of dan­ger, spat­ter­ing as­sailants with sticky, toxic glan­du­lar se­cre­tions that are stored in their ab­domens.

WHERE IS IT? The ants live in tree-hole nests, of­ten high in the canopy, in Bor­neo. Other worker castes are equipped with large, plug-shaped heads, which they use to block nest en­trances against in­trud­ers.

Th­e­seEx­treme­chem­i­cal mea­sures: weapon­sex­plod­ing­fac­to­ries ants de­fend vary­theirin colour. colony by tear­ing

them­selves apart.

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