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1 Northum­ber­land saint, le­gendary pro­tec­tor of the ei­der (8)

5 Moths of the fam­ily La­sio­camp­i­dae, also known as snout moths (6)

10 Coun­try in Africa sym­bol­ised by the dama gazelle (5)

11 Crea­ture which feeds on car­rion or dis­carded food (9)

12 Na­tional park in Greece, home to the Cephalo­nian fir and a rare local pe­ony (9) 13 Claw of a bird of prey (5) 14 Twin­ing peren­nial climbers; genus in­cludes blue­bell creeper (6)

15 Ev­er­green shrub or tree that might be japon­ica or aquifolium (7)

18 Egg-lay­ing spiny anteater of Aus­tralia and New Guinea (7)

20 In­ter­na­tional Union for Con­ser­va­tion of ___, global en­vi­ron­men­tal net­work (6) 22 Trop­i­cal tree whose seeds are used in mak­ing choco­late (5) 24 An en­dan­gered species of sea tur­tle (9) 25 For­est of Rhondda Cynon Taf in South Wales, noted for the night­jar (9) 26 Wild horses of Africa and Asia (5) 27 Fast-fly­ing birds, Apus apus, that visit the UK in sum­mer (6) 28 Mem­ber of the daisy fam­ily, named af­ter the botanist Jonathan Stokes (8)


1 The up­per­most level of tree fo­liage in a for­est (6) 2 Fly­ing in­sect in the fam­ily Arc­ti­inae, with hairy cater­pil­lars (5, 4) 3 Wad­ing bird some­times known as a bar­wit (3-6, 6) 4 Ocean re­gion that is home to Antarc­tic minke whale, crabeater seal and leop­ard seal (4, 3) 6 Very large preda­tory fish which can grow to a length of six me­tres (5, 5, 5) 7 Re­lat­ing to var­i­ous kinds of pho­to­syn­the­sis­ing or­gan­isms such as kelp and stonewort (5) 8 A man­a­tee or dugong (8) 9 Hi­malayan ___ is a flow­er­ing plant also known as cop­per tops and kissme-on-the-moun­tain (6) 16 Genus to which daf­fodils be­long (9) 17 The ___ beetle is na­tive to trop­i­cal rain­forests and is no­table for be­ing the world’s long­est beetle (8) 19 The sci­en­tific name of the lit­tle owl is ___ noc­tua (6) 20 ___ Wet­lands is a large marsh re­serve in south-east Wales (7) 21 A north­ern US state to which the ko­diak bear is na­tive (6) 23 A mem­ber of the rac­coon fam­ily, found in the rain­for­est re­gions of South and Cen­tral Amer­ica (5)

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