Sim­ple ways to help sea tur­tles

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Vol­un­teer­ing isn’t the only way to make a dif­fer­ence – we all have a part to play in our ev­ery­day lives, even when we’re a long way from tur­tle nest­ing beaches.


Avoid tak­ing chairs and cool boxes as they can in­ad­ver­tently crush tur­tle nests. Dim mo­bile phones from dusk to dawn, or keep them off the beach al­to­gether. Ar­ti­fi­cial lights dis­ori­en­tate tur­tles. Choose water­sports with care as tur­tles may be drawn to the sound of out­board mo­tors and some­times don’t see boats un­til it’s too late. Don’t fish near nest­ing beaches or, bet­ter still, visit fish in­stead by go­ing snorkelling or scuba-div­ing.


Use reusable con­tain­ers to avoid the sin­gle-use plas­tics in food­wrap­pers and car­rier bags. Say no to the use of plas­tic straws since plas­tic never dis­in­te­grates, but merely breaks down into mi­croplas­tics. Don’t re­lease bal­loons as they can en­tan­gle and choke sea life; tur­tles of­ten mis­take de­flated bal­loons and strings for food. Adopt a nest­ing tur­tle through one of the var­i­ous schemes, such as the one run by AMI Tur­tle Watch.

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